Christa provided a stunning meal for our team. I haven’t been able to stop talking about it and my heart swells every time someone comes up to me and tells me how amazing it was, or how this was their favorite team lunch thusfar. I feels amazing to have been able to provide our team with something truly wholesome, good, and appreciated.
— Bianca Cazares (People and Culture Manager- Prolific Interactive)
This meal delivery service is really a great find for me! The food is fresh and creative; and this is what I would want to make myself if I could make it myself. The ingredients are exactly the same basic everyday choices that I would choose for myself, but prepared at such a high quality that I would much rather have Brooklyn Braised create for me. By the time I would have shoppedand cleaned up, for the quality I would have preferred this service. I have ordered from BB multiple time since the week that they have launched and every order has been consistent in order size and freshness.
— Delia Wilcher, MD